Pig breeding farm

Michael and Gregory Vergos have created the pig breeding farms and operate since 1991.

The unit operates according to a programme of Ministry of Agriculture for the implementation of a National Programme for the genetic improvement of pigs in our country. The unit also joined the programme for the performance of pigs of the Ministry of Culture with the document numbered 5266/29-6-93.

We aim at the production and the distribution in the Greek breeders of pigs of high quality animal material and of high genetic value, so as to achieve a stable high productivity and breeding of pigs at a low cost.

The structure of PYR.CH.A.

They consist of 4 cores of thoroughbred pigs which come from Super cores of England and Germany, with different production lines:

  • Core of sows and Landrace boars
  • Core of sows and Large White boars of double and single line
  • Core of sows and Welsh, Belgian Landrace and Large White boars of double line.

What PYR.CH.A. produce

  • Thoroughbred sows and boars of the races: Landrace, Large White (double and single line), Welsh and Belgian Landrace.
  • Sows F1 (Large White X, Landrace)
  • Boars hybrids for meat marketing (DIAS, ARIS, ERMIS)

Reproductive management

The unit has facilities and a complete laboratory equipment for the receiving and the processing of semen. The crosses are made of artificial insemination with the use of fresh and frozen semen.

The compilation and the implementation of the unit reproductive programme is controlled by greek and foreign scientists of high prestige.

Animal evaluation

The animal evaluation is based on the ancestral and individual performance (average daily weight gain, feed conversion ratio, subcutaneous fat, etc.)

The data analysis is made in computers with special software, which was developed, exclusively for the unit by the English company EASICARE, a company of specialised programming.

The final animal evaluation is expressed according to the evaluation index (INDEX). According to the INDEX the animals are classified in categories from which depend their price.

Class A: 251 – 300
Class B: 201 – 250
Class C: 151 – 200
Class D: < 150 Technical services

The company provides its clients with scientific staff:

  • To analyse the condition of the units that are going to be used for the animals of PYR.CH.A.
  • To give advice for the appropriate genetic shape on the buyer.
  • To watch the progress of the other animals in the units.
  • To service the clients during the selection of animals in the special showrooms of the unit.

Animal Delivery – Guarantees

The animals are transferred and delivered in the buyer’s unit with company trucks, especially made for animal transfer. The animals are accompanied with certificates of ancestral and individual performance control.

They are also accompanied with guarantee conditions, which cover death cases, maladjustment or the appearance of infertility problems, so the company undertakes the obligation of replacement with breed of same race and class.

For more information, please contact us.

Applied systems and standards:
ISO standard
HACCP standard
AGRO standard

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