Retail Shop of Pork Meat in Grevena

I am going to tell you five words… fresh… greek… delicious… pork… meat… Do you think what I think?


Your first thought for the most delicious table. Fresh greek pork meat of excellent quality. It is produced in Epirus by a vertically integrated chain and you have it at your table, without intermediaries, at very low price! Unique quality for a healthy diet!

Now also at the 27 K. Taliaroudi street, zip code 51100, in Grevena. (tel.: 24620 23140)Πρατήριο Γρεβενών

In the shop you will find:

  • pork chops, pork side, fried pork
  • souvlaki, pork fore shanks, schnitzels
  • rolls with feta cheese and pepper
  • rolls with plums, carrots and gouda
  • sausages, pork burgers
  • fried pork, fried pork with peppers
  • pork spit, fried pork with leek
  • etc.

In the shop is applied HACCP system.

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