Slaughterhouse – Distribution centre

The industrial slaughterhouse of VE.Z.ZO. SA with lines for slaughter of pigs and sheep and goats, has all the standards of the European Union for slaughterhouse and has the code S47. A governmental vet supervises the animal slaughter in two slaughter lines, which secure the quality and the hygiene of the produced carcasses.

The slaughterhouse facilities include stable facilities for the animals, precooling after slaughter and freezers for meat preservation before shipment.

In the outer space of facilities there are and operate biological treatment of sewage of an abbatoir and incinerator for the combustion of animal waste and the environmental protection.

In the products of our slaughterhouse are produced whole or chopped carcasses as well as the whole series of the slaughter by-products

In our establishments you can buy at wholesale sale the following parts of pork:

  • Pork skinned (half) class A’
  • Pork skinned (half) class B’
  • Pork madito (half) class A’
  • Pork madito (half) class B’
  • Pork loin scalper
  • Boneless Pork loin
  • Pork shoulder skinned class A’
  • Pork shoulder skinned class B’
  • Pork Kares skinned with neck
  • Pork Kares skinned without neck
  • Neck skinned
  • Pork side skinned

Applied systems and standards:
ISO standard
HACCP standard
AGRO standard

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