Greek Pork Meat

We produce qualitative pork MEAT, from our own pig farms, with our animal feed prepared in our factory. The meat is for wholesale or/and retail sale. You will find it at a wholesale  in our slaughterhouse – distribution centre, and in our retail shops in Kerasonas Filippiada , Grevena and Ptolemaida.

In our establishments you can buy at wholesale sale the following parts of pork:

  • Pork skinned (half) class A’
  • Pork skinned (half) class B’
  • Pork madito (half) class A’
  • Pork madito (half) class B’
  • Pork loin scalper
  • Boneless Pork loin
  • Pork shoulder skinned class A’
  • Pork shoulder skinned class B’
  • Pork Kares skinned with neck
  • Pork Kares skinned without neck
  • Neck skinned
  • Pork side skinned

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